In selective mutism (SM) awareness month… What about SMers?


This was written for iSpeak’s Facebook site in July this year — it’s now October — SM Awareness Month and thought it might be a good idea to publish a short version here too.

“I would love for SM events (or any event) to be more inclusive of those who might find it difficult to give a speech or even ask a question, but who would like to contribute — there are other ways to speak —  #morethan1way2speak

It seems it has not dawned on SM organisations and professionals to consider access for SMers to enable us to contribute meaningfully to their events.

It is 2018 and there are many ways to communicate and contribute. Or perhaps they default into thinking in the way that those of us with lived experience of SM know only too well — if you are silent you have nothing to say?

I’m sorry if this comes across as frustrated and angry, but again, as those of you with lived experience of SM know — this is how not having a voice makes you feel.

SM professionals might reply — that they often include people with SM in their events — however this is wholly on their terms, and it is often about inviting us to ‘tell our story’. This link explains why this can be problematic and actually does not help those it purports to help.”…/what-disability-professi…

October update:

Some of us are tired of not having a voice so we are doing it for ourselves with a campaign — ‘Raising OUR Voices‘ launched during SM awareness month.

More to come…




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