Performance tools for austerity, restructure and resilience

I don’t exist in your


or in your mindset

or achievements,


in your

motivational drivers

or your ideas of resilience,


in your affiliations and security,


in your slick presentations

and easy people pleasing categories.


I don’t exist

in your self congratulatory lists of tick boxes


brain tips


problem solving

or your meet the challenge directives.


I don’t exist

in your psychometric evaluations

or in your how to influence in corridors

or your markers for status.


I don’t exist in your pity or your

negative thinking cycles or self awareness.



I do exist


#autistic #resilience


Communication processes in the workplace assume neurotypicality — standard advice to employees is often just not suitable for us.

The uncertainty of a restructure is difficult for all, but for autistic people, (many of us live with chronic anxiety) any additional stress can quickly lead to becoming overloaded, exposing us to the possibility of ‘meltdown’ or ‘shutdown’. All of which is detrimental both to mental health and productivity.

Information about organisational change and material given to support employees left me in overload and unable to communicate — terrified of being judged and failing to come up to expectations. Tuning into poetic thought processes eventually enabled a way through this, and to communicate.



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